Hi there! In this blog I will take you along a beautiful trip in the heart of Czech Republic: Prague! Full of culture, gastronomy, art and events, this city is an absolute go-to for every globetrotter. This is the last blog post of the “TRIP TO PRAGUE” series, if you want to see part two, see the homepage or click on this link. You can also use the navigation tool to search.



On July 10, 2016 my mom and I went to Brussels South Charleroi Airport (BSCA) to catch our plane to Prague around 8AM local time. It only took us two hours in total to wait at the airport and getting in the plane. Flying didn’t took long because it’s only one hour and a half flying to there.


Arriving around 10AM local time at Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG), we took a cab that drove us to our hotel. The hotel was just outside the citycenter of Prague about a ten minutes walk. As soon as we were packed out and left the hotel it was already 12.15AM, so we decided to grab some lunch. At a cute bistro, I chose to get a bowl of pasta with tomato sauce, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, dates and sour cream – very delicious and nutritious! My mom ate a ravioli-like dish with olives and spinach.


We then got ready to discover the old city and to take some pictures. Almost a mile away from the bistro, with the skyline of Prague in our sights, we were walking in a beautiful park and we stumbled upon a guy making enormous bubbles from soap (this was actually a live photo from my iPhone but unfortunately this doesn’t work if you share it).


“If European cities were a necklace, Prague would be a diamond among the pearls”

– Anonymous

Finally arriving in the center we saw many ancient buildings, castles and bridges. You can tell that Prague is practically devided into seperate areas, the “old-town” and “new-town”. In the old town you could find those types of buildings, castles and bridges. The Prague Castle (see further this blog) is also located in this area of Prague. This was at least a good excuse to see the old-town first. Before you want to head to the castle, you first need to climb some stairs – and SERIOUSLY it was intense haha!

Just in the middle of the stairs when you’re almost there, a stall that sold homemade lemonades (apparently seems to be very popular in Prague), waffles and a local pastry called ‘Trdelník’, was hidden inside the wall of the castle stairs. A good idea to try one out isn’t it? and boy oh boy, it was good!

PS: I actually went back the other day to grab another one because I couldn’t resist it.


‘Trdelník’ is a pastry covered with cinnamon sugar and coconut flakes. It’s usually topped with soft or/and Nuttela – I got one with soft serve only.


In Part 2 of the “TRIP TO PRAGUE” series, you will get to read day two and three. For more information about hotels, events, prices, etc. I would recommend you to visit this website:


Jibbe Dhondt


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