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In the second part of this blog post I will write about the second, third and fourth day that I was in Prague. Enjoy reading! This is the last blog post of the “TRIP TO PRAGUE” series, if you want to see part one, see the homepage or click on this link. You can also use the navigation tool to search.



It was the morning of day two (July 11, 2016) in Prague and my mom and I had breakfast in the hotel before we headed outside. After we had our breakfast, we dazzled us again in the majestic center of Prague. We did some shopping, photographing, eating, etc.




As we just walked further, I suddenly noticed there was an actual Apple Museum! How cool is this?! Probably the biggest, most popular and only one in the world. I was shook and I needed to go in so bad, but we decided to do that around dinner since it was open ’til 9PM.





Around lunch time we went sightseeing in the “new-town” of Prague where we had our lunch. I remember we had a drink in a traditional Irish pub in the new-town next to Häagen-Dazs. After that we visited the Madame Tussauds museum in Prague (a museum where famous people like writers, actors/actrices, conquerors, etc. are recreated from a wax-based material) we set sail again.




When it was almost around lunch time (6PM), we were headed to the Old Town Square to observe the Astronomical Clock Tower of Prague. Every hour between 9AM and 11 PM, the twelve apostles appear in the clock. The Old Town Square is very beautiful and cozy, because it has lots of warming restaurants and café’s. Behind the Astronomical Clock Towers there was a peaceful park too seperated from the city.

Dinner was finished and we slowly went back to our hotel after we gleeful stopped by the ‘Apple Museum’ around 7.30PM. I was really tired that day – Apparently I walked over 24km, good for 31,496 steps!



Old Town Square, Prague

DAY 3:

This day we kept it quiet simple, we did some walking around the city, sat aside the Vlatava river drinking a homemade lemonade at a summer’s bar and looked at some new buildings that we haven’t seen before, for example the ‘Dancing House’ in Prague, it was a weird building with staggering elements – quiet impressive architecture.




It was sad that we weren’t able to get a boat to sail on the Vltava river, due to the weather. We did something very fun instead – I wanted to go to a kind of like “artsy” café, you know the ones you see a lot on Instagram, but apparently when we came there it was moved to another location in Prague. As we walked further we were already kind of lost because WE DIDN’T KNEW OUR WAY – and yeah I should’ve brought a map.

But anyhow, this made us walk further and further, step by step getting closer to the citycenter again, and before we even knew we were at this beautiful mountain where you could see the skyline of Prague! If we weren’t lost, we wouldn’t even had that view.

PS: on camera this doesn’t look as good as in real life ;).




As you walked further you entered the back of the Prague Castle. That was the moment to grab an Iced Tea with lime in Starbucks that was located at the Castle of Prague.



This shot was taken at Starbucks at the Prague Castle

DAY 4:

This was our final day in Prague and we had to woke up early to get in the cab that drove us back to the airport.

I must say this was one of my favorite citytrips I’ve ever done next to Paris, Amsterdam and Bern. If you’ve never visited Prague before, pack your bags because it’s totally worth it going there!

I hope you enjoyed my “TRIP TO PRAGUE” series, make sure to leave a comment what you think about this beautiful city or if you have any questions.


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