Hi there! Making a blog can be pretty difficult but in this post I will help you to successfully start your very own business! This is btw the first lifestyle blog post ever! Although it isn’t very “lifestylish”, I put it in this submenu because it resembles DIY and developing an idea (of your choices).



This is all about the very beginning of your stirring and new story no matter you want to create a blog, webshop, portfolio, etc.


  • Choose your theme/topics starting from an idea:

It’s the root of your project, the way you want it to be visualised. Think about (a) catchy topic(s) such as lifestyle, fashion, food, interior, etc. It can be time-consuming but once you got that picture perfect idea it’ll roll from itself. If you like to show your #OOTD to people, you can start with that and create a fashion blog. If your very into photographing and traveling and you want to portrait a story you can go for a travel blog for example. Of course there are twists like a lifestyle/travel blog, fashion/photographing blog or even more topics – more is always better in this case. It’ll be even catchier because you’re gaining a bigger audience.

I have a lot of topics – I have lifestyle (DIY, interiors, fashion, etc.), travel, and food because I all love them.



Yay! As we decide our theme(s) it’s time to create our blog! Aside from having a laptop, camera for photographers, props for fashionistas, I will tell you which websites are the best to create a blog with;


  • Making the website:

For making your blog, I would either recommend you to use WordPress or Wix. They’re both very user-friendly websites to make a blog and will provide the best support that’s needed. Although WordPress is the most popular, Wix can be easy as well as you drag and add media your own (WordPress uses plug-ins and CSS).

  • Have a domain name:

Having a domain name is super important. Just pretend you’re having your blog running well and reach huge audiences and suddenly someone “steals” your domain name and you decide it is time to get one, it’ll be already to late as that person took it. So I cannot tell enough how necessary it is to run your chosen domain name.

Of course this comes with a price tag. Both WordPress and Wix offer plans (billed monthly/yearly) that provide your own domain name (you don’t have that default tagline after your blog name anymore). You even get “no-advertising” as part of the plan.



Blog posts are seriously the most important things to stick with. Blog posts are all of the posts you see on someones blogger’s page. These are posts the public likes to read and eventually be informed or amused. If you don’t have a lot of blog post, the chance is slightly higher you won’t get noticed.

TIP! Posting 2-3 times a week will boost your audience and keep your audience hyped over your website. It could be hard posting two times a week (I usually try to post two times a week but it could easily be postponed for some time – that I post about five times a month).



It’s necessary to relook your page once you’ve finished developing it. Details like color of your page, HTML & CSS (WordPress), sharing buttons, or anything quiet important can miss out, therefor looking over your website is a big deal.

Make sure there aren’t any spelling mistakes, bad looking features, etc. Eventually when you launch your website, it’s online! Everyone make mistakes but try your very best to not fail grammar and you will definitely reach the top!



PARTY! Now that we know on how to make your own website and reexamined it it’s time to publish this bad boy!


#6 CREATING AN AUDIENCE (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are by far the most popular and best social medias to boost your website all the way to the top. Once you uploaded your website or blog I recommend you to share it immediately to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can easily create a Facebook-page (and Twitter-page) of your blog (for example) where you upload your blog posts, Instagram pictures, etc. Those who haven’t seen your website before will maybe get a glimpse in Facebook!

When I knew I was going to make a website, I already posted it onto my socials, kind of like giving people a sneak peek of what will be good. As you are enjoying your business and added quiet some blog post it is time to even boost your website more!



  • Go to the Home-page of your wanted page. From here on, you can choose to get more sign-ups (by clicking on that feature) or create a coupon-code for you e-store.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 32937 PM-2

  • By boosting your audience and eventually getting more likes by clicking on the blue button that says “Boost page”.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 33039 PM

  • You can now edit there text of your promotion on how you want your audience to see your page (choose for a catchy line-up or a formal message).Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 33210 PM
  • Next you come to the “Audience settings” where you can change the location so people from all over the globe can see your page (I recommend to choose from three countries – like USA, UK and your birth country).

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 33239 PM

  • Last feature is “Budget and Duration”. Here you can choose how many you want to spend on your promotion and how long. (Note that if you chose a smaller budget and longer period the audience reaching will get smaller).

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 33301 PM

And boom once it’s payed your page is now successfully boosted!




A 1 million audience will not come in one day so you need to be patient on it. If you post regularly, get a domain name, have a professional-looking website, I’m very sure people will love it and subscribe to it, but as always, give it time! 😉

Jibbe Dhondt


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