Hi there! Today I will go over five fragrances for men that are perfect for a gift or to use by yourself. Each fragrance will be listed with a unique link where you can buy the bottle. I own all bottles so I can give you some explanation of how each fragrance smells. You can easily “SHOP THE ITEMS” down below. I will add this feature in every inspiration post (like fashion, beauty, etc.) that provides featured products so you can easily get to the website of the seller and buy the product if you want.


1. Paco Rabanne – Invictus

Fresh, citrusy and renewing fragrance that’s quiet popular. Perfect for formal occasions & comes in an INTENSE version.


2. Viktor & Rolf – Spicebomb

Unique fall oder with wood, oranges, and cinnamon vibes. Wear at any occasion where, you want it. Go for the EXTRÊME for more scent.


3. ZARA – 7.0

Slightly cheaper eau de toilette but freshness taken to the maximum is guaranteed. Enriched with violets, mint, etc. for an all-day use.


4. Hugo Boss – The Scent

Rich wood scent combined with a pleasant freshness. A must-have for any chicque party you go to & comes in an INTENSE version as well.


5. Hollister – Jake (Collogne)

Ready for becoming a beach boy? Well, you can with this cologne! Grab on to a heavy scent of heavenly spices and pure freshness. Comes in an air freshener & body spray. Very handy to take along traveling!

Jibbe Dhondt


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