Hi there again! In this blog post I will list products that are essential for traveling or going abroad. There will be products for both men and women, as well as unisex items. Even though it’s already December, I wanted to make a fall guide set full of trending travel essentials. When I’m traveling and pack my hand luggage, I’m usually going for a water bottle, tissues, handgel, moisturizer, lip balm, sunglasses, a book, a snack and gloves (in winter). For this set I added extra gadgets to refine your hand luggage. Enjoy! (As before, both redirected links will be for the US or Worldwide – but you can select your desired location if possible).


1. LUSH – Sleepy (Body Lotion)

The LUSH ‘Sleepy’ body lotion smells SO good. It has a very pleasant smell of lavender and oatmeal that is perfect to bring along with you if you feel you’re having a very dry skin. This one’s also perfect to put on before going to bed as it has calming features. IDEAL GIFT FOR MOTHERS DAY!


2. CONTEXT – Restorative Night Cream (2 oz.)

Perfect to put on before sleep to feel and see a happy and clear skin afterwards in the morning.


3. Starbucks – Black Tumbler

Get sassy with this black tumbler from Starbucks to put in your sizzling hot coffees for on the way. (Unfortunately I couldn’t find the product precisely, but added a link from eBay with other Starbucks black tumblers).


4. Morgan Lane – Lacey Lids Silk-satin Eye Mask

Who says a sleeping mask can’t be fashionable? You can, with this luxury embroiled eye mask that will give a thousands of dreams while traveling. It has a handy elastic strap that keeps the sleeping mask in place. Good night!


5. Herbivore Botanicals – Sea Mist Hairspray

This hairspray (mist) full of lavender and sea salt will give your hair a very shiny and healthy look and leave it nice and smooth. This mist is great for styling as well, as the sea salt adds volume to your hair (TIP! combine this with the ‘BIG’ Shampoo from LUSH with sea salt and your hair will be big and beachy like never before!).


6. Valentino – Uomo Noir Absolu Eau de Parfum

Not only do you get a fancy bottle to take with you, you also leave a strong scent of pepper and cinnamon with this fragrance from Valentino. This fragrance is for men, and will definitely be a collectors item in your fragrance collections.


7. Soma – Water Bottle

This very trendy and modern water bottle from Soma is great for traveling. Its made out of durable materials and an anti-grip piece over the bottle. (Use the ‘FRIENDS‘ discount code from Bloomingdale’s now to get 25% off this Soma water bottle! – only through 10 December 2017).


8. Lacoste – Women’s Daily Classic Piqué Canvas Backpack

Lacoste definitely stepped up the game in the fashion and sports world with this navy (also in cherry tomato) color. No matter you’re taking it with you as hand luggage, going to collage or going for a hike, it will suit every outfit you’re wearing that day.


9. Fjallraven Kånken – Backpack (unisex)

A probably already very known type of backpack to you – the classic but not-to-miss backpack for everyone (and by that I mean everyone can carry it – no gender stereotypes) My favorite color is the fog one, but I like burnt orange, forest green, black and putty.


10. Burberry – Giant Check Cashmere Scarf

If you want, you can buy a more affordable version here (women) from ASOS.


11. Topman – Black Leather Gloves In Box

Going to a colder city this time? Break up with the cold with these stylish black-leathered gloves for men. These are from Topman so relatively cheap. I’m not a big fan of leather gloves, but I love seeing other people wearing them.


12. Mini Velvet – Cable Knit Mittens

Cozy, cozier, coziest with these incredible cable knitted mitten gloves in neutral color for woman. Keep the cold away with durable. (The delivery happens through John Lewis)


13. Mango – Ribbed Beanie (unisex)

Although this orange-yellow beanie is meant for men, I added unisex because I feel like everyone (no matter you’re a girl, boy, man, woman,…) can wear this hat. It’s a trendy looking beanie made of knitted fabric that will keep your ears warm during the trip. This beanie comes in four different colors as well).


14. Carnival – Matte Red Metel Eyeglasses (kids)

When I saw these I was sold immediately and I definitely wanted to bring this up this blog post as well because this is an item for kids. I love an item that speaks color and certainly red, like these pair of glasses. (Also not that expensive!).

Jibbe Dhondt


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