Hi there everyone! Away for a very long time, I’m back & on track! Not like before, but a collaboration post with a brand I’m currently obsessed with: Ginger BLAST. If you’re a big fan of ginger like me, you gonna love these products. Ginger BLAST is stronger than usual ginger juice, as it’s more concentrated & straight from the root. I’ll explain to you every product I tested out & reviewed. Later this review, I’ll also add a little recipe so you can taste yourself! 😉


About a week ago, I partnered up with Ginger BLAST, a company located in Belgium, as they sent me over some product to test and write a review about it, and here I am writing about these fabulous goods. The proud owner & ginger-guru behind Lombardia World & Ginger BLAST, Alain, is super-friendly and open to any questions, something I like about a company.

Believe me, I’m not writing positive about a company when I don’t like there products, but come on, Ginger BLAST is just amazing. Healthy, powerful, delicious & even fat-burning, what do we want more?

The (current) flavors they have are; Ginger (N°1), Matcha/Ginger/Lemon (N°2), Ginger/Lemon (N°3) & Ginger/Thyme/Sage (N°4).


1. Ginger BLAST – Ginger blend

First one I’m gonna talk about, the one I experienced with the most, is the lovely Ginger blend (N°1). It’s also the main attraction on their website, because of it’s great ginger smell & taste. I’ve used some teaspoons now and then, in my tea, and soda water. I’ve also read you could use their blends in starry, cakes, cocktails, etc. which I’m so excited about. I always add about like one teaspoon to one cup of boiling water, soda,…

The reason I love the ginger so much, is because of the rich smell & taste. It’s just unbelievable. 0% salt, glucides, fat, etc. like ok??! Each of their blends are originally from  India, The Philippines & Hawaii.

So easy, adding a teaspoon of Ginger BLAST Ginger blend into my cup, adding hot water & voilà, it’s done! Have you tried it yet? I really recommend it to you.


2. Ginger BLAST – Matcha/Ginger/Lemon blend

Ok, this one I freaked out. I never thought that ginger together with matcha and lemon could taste this good! From all the blends I’ve tasted, this one is by far my favorite!


3. Ginger BLAST – Ginger/Lemon blend

This Ginger/Lemon blend is my second favorite. It has a very pleasant smell, extremely fresh taste & great for any hot drink and even to spice up a cocktail. I always try to drink lemon juice with water in the morning, but now I don’t need to worry about not having lemons at home! 🍋


4. Ginger BLAST – Ginger/Thyme/Sage blend

If you’re having a cold & want to kick it right now, this blend is perfect. The balance between thyme & sage combined with ginger lifts you up immediately. Although it’s not my favorite one, I seem to appreciate this one being very strong & bacterial killing.



  • 1 cup of 27.05 oz. (80ml)
  • Ginger BLAST® Ginger/Thyme/Sage blend (1/2 teaspoon/ normal – 1 teaspoon/ spicy)
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
  • (Thyme for decoration)


Add about 27.05 oz. (80ml) of boiling water to a cup. Next, add your beloved Ginger BLAST® blend (the amount of teaspoons you want), together with a few drops of lemon juice. Stir well. If you want (to serve to guests), you can choose to add a few sprits of thyme to your hot drink. (Really saves you t(hy)me in the morning. Get it 😉).

“Everyday when I wake up, I like to make a nice cup of tea, but sometimes find myself running out of time in the morning. Grabbing a teabag, boiling water, brewing the tea, throwing away the teabag, can really take some time. The only thing I need to do now is add the blend to my water, stir & done! That’s it! Really easy, thanks to Ginger BLAST® for saving me some time.”

More information about the products & recipes on:


And that was it for this full review on the Ginger BLAST blends! I hope you enjoyed this post & try these delicious blends out some time. You can buy a full packet of these four different Ginger BLAST blends, by clicking here: (€68, NOW FOR €57!) By signing up, you also get free delivery on your first order.

Are you gonna test this out? Let me know in the comments down below!

Jibbe Dhondt


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