Well hi! I know I know it’s been a long time now since I posted, but I’m back! I will post today and this weekend, so this week will be active. This post is about clothing pieces I wore to probably the most pretty zoo in the world – Pairi Daiza in Belgium. If you’re wondering, why all the Polaroids, well I’ll be putting my pictures like this all the time in the future now, I think it tops the “minimalistic” & sometimes Cali laid-back style. It’s created with an app by a company, Unfold, also based in Belgium – yes we’re very talented haha.


My first thought was to wear my extreme ripped denim shorts by Hollister and a t-shirt I’m currently in love with from Bershka. But than weather decided to kick in and be all negative. So yeah, after that miscalculation, I wanted to keep the outfit basic so I tried on the black gathered cargo pants from Brave Soul together with the Jack and Jones contrast raglan shirt. To complete the look, I went with with high white sports style socks from ASOS and the classic old skool sneakers from Vans.

IMG_1919 2


Jack and Jones – contrast raglan shirt (this works too)

Brave Soul – black cargo pants

ASOS – white sports style socks

Vans – old skool sneakers

Jibbe Dhondt


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