You are now at the “FAQ” part of this blog. In the FAQ you will find common questions I get and an answer to that question. If you are still doubting on asking one and you’re not quiet sure if the topic is listed in the FAQ-menu, please feel free to contact us.


#1 How do you come up with content ideas for things to post about?

I often brainstorm on what I will write about before I post it. As said on this blog, I like lifestyle, traveling, interiors, etc. so I will probably write or add something about that, but it could depend, like when a new must-seen hype conquers the world and there’s no deny I need to write about that. When I already know what I want to add, I go ahead and write it down as soon as I figured out how I want it to be represented.

I always find something interesting, and find it even more interesting if I can share my thoughts to the world.


#2 Which camera do you particularly use?

First of all, you don’t need a high-class fancy or maxed-out camera to take great pictures, as long as you know HOW to take them. I’m currently using the default camera from my ‘iPhone 8 Plus’ and it works fine! I’ve put a grid on it (accessible in the Settings-app on your iPhone) and it let’s you make beautiful angled pictures, that way you know they aren’t crooked. I’m also usin the ‘Nikon D3400‘ with 18-105 VR Lens – very happy with that camera!


#3 How do you edit your pictures?

I edit my pictures straight on my phone, where I use VSCO, Snapseed, Facetune (please don’t exaggerate with this app!) and UNUM. I mostly use the apps to edit my pictures to upload them to Instagram (and Twitter), but sometimes I use these apps for my blog as well.

UNUM (iOS/Android) is a great app to insert all of your pictures you may or may not upload to your Instagram or other socials and order them in a way you want it. You are able to drag pictures, delete them and share them. With this app you will absolutely slay your Instafeed!


#4 Who takes these pictures?

I normally take all of my pictures myself because I’m really into photagraphy, but when I’m in the picture someone else like my mom, sister, a friend or a total stranger takes the shot. You don’t need to be affraid to ask a stranger to take the perfect shot, most people love to do it and if you give them the right angle and position, the shot will be taken in no time (before you even know, the person taking the shot is a blogger/Instagrammer as well – new bestie!).


#5 Which social medias do you use/how can I follow you?

I use Facebook (as a page), Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat. On each one of them; when you click on them, you will be redirected to one of my official accounts.

I use Polyvore to make my fashion templates with number to make it looks clarifying.

Throughout the blog you will find a lot of sharing options. At the sidebar of the blog you will also find icons that will redirect you to my social media.


#6 Do you have hobbies/do sports?

I love to run sometimes, especially when the sun goes down and it’s almost dark. I like to explore cities, go out with friends, archery, cooking, architecture/interior, catching up on some Netflix, blogging, etc.

I used to do material arts (taekwondo and jujutsu) when I was younger and I kind of miss it, maybe one day I’ll re-invoice. Since I became an interior design/architect student 3 years ago and still study it at this very moment, I normally fill my days with drawing and designing and that’s of course mostly an indoor activity.


#7 Do you earn money with this blog?

I don’t have any feature or advertising widget that allows me to get full-charged money (to have a quality blog without advertisements). I sometimes get messages for business inquiries to share one of their product. I created this blog as result of one of my passions and hobbies.

I use Skimlinks as getting alternative payment options from this blog, they give away a tiny amount of their profits when a blogger puts a hyperlink into a post, photo, quote, etc. You basically get rewarded by sharing a brand’s product or name.


#8 Do you think blogging is fun, got any tips?

IT’S SO FUN! Blogging is a great way to write your thought down but then online. You encourage people to read your blog and they usually love to be a part of it. Sharing something with the world and getting positive comments from it is a pleasent feeling!

I would recommend you to use either WordPress, Wix, Blogger or Bloglovin’, they’re both users friendly websites to create your own blog. To get the most out of your blog, you do need to pay a plan/monthly subscription (that means spending money on it). I would recommend you to search a plan that fits with you – most plans offer “no-advertising” and “own domain name” which is a true must-have. Having a (premium) website theme makes everything professional and more visually appealing.

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#9 How do I sign up for your blog?

You can sign up at the sidebar of this blog. Subscribing can be done at all time and costless. You can get help by following the action plan underneath.

  1. Simply go to “GET IN TOUCH” and type in your email address and click on “SUBSCRIBE”. This feature is put in every page you go to on this blog – from your desktop it’s seen at the sidebar – using the mobile or tablet version it’s visible underneath every page (under “FOLLOW ME”).
  2. You will now receive a confirmation email (currently provided by WordPress – may change in the future) to confirm your email. Simply click on “Confirm Follow”, you are now registered to receive updates on when a new blog is posted on this blog.
  3. You can also cancel or manage your registration by unsubscribing from the list – you will get an email after the registration is done where you can unsubscribe or manage the subscription.


#10 What’s your favorite animal/animals?

My favorite animal is a shark (Great White), but I like raccoons, red-pandas, lemurs, wolfs and dogs A LOT.

“Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog’s face he gets mad at you? But when you take him in a car, he sticks his head out the window.”

– Steve Bluestone


#11 Which music do you listen?

I primary listen to rap, pop and Lorde. But I can listen to most genres. Also Ariana Grande is the BOMB.


#12 Do you make all the recipes yourself/are these all unique and not copied?

Yes, all of the recipes and dishes are made frim my own hand. I like (at least try) to be unique and as a result I create these recipes my own. It could be that sometimes it is copied from a recipe, but this is probably without me knowing it already existed. Sometimes a variation of a recipe could occur too.


#13 How can I contact you?

You can contact us by clicking here. If somehow the contacting feature doesn’t work, you can always send an alternative email to: (see conditions)